Friday, July 2, 2010

Top Ten Friday

Welcome to this weeks edition of Top Ten Friday...where I break it down!

And boy do I have a very special edition this week.

It is officially summer and nothing says summer better than a 4th of July Celebration. I have decided to host a party this weekend and invite the Top Ten Hottest Abs in Hollywood.

Don't stress if you didn't get an doesn't mean I don't love you, it just means that I wanted these ten guys all to myself!


10. Andy Roddick- Yummy tennis Abs!

9. The Situation- He may be a tool, but you have to admit he has some killer abs!

8. Taylor Lautner- Hardcore Twilight abs!

7. Channing Tatum- Humana, humana, humana!

6. Christiano Ronaldo- Can't forget to celebrate the abs of our hot soccer studs!

5. David Beckham- this one too! Holy washboard stomach! Makes me want to do my laundry on his abs...

4. Mario Lopez- needs no explanation, other than the more I can see him with his shirt off, the better the party will be.

3. Shemar Moore- a hot Hollywood abs post would definitely not be complete without this beautiful creature!

2. Robert Buckley- every time I see pictures of him it makes me sad that they cancelled Lipstick Jungle...damn you abc...damn you!

And my number one invite to the Hottest Abs in Hollywood Party would be...none other than...

1. Ryan Reynolds- no explanation necessary...You're welcome!

HAPPY 4th of JULY!


  1. How did I know that Ryan Reynolds would be #1? Awesome, awesome list. Thanks!

  2. Well, I was totally sold that Taylor Lautner by far had WON this competition. And then....I got to Ryan Reynolds. Good holy Hell. Your lust affair is wholly justified on that picture alone. But, just so i can have my say ('cause I like to have my say) Taylor Lautners ABS are ridiculous and divine. AND, Shemar Moore....mmmmm. I have been in lust with him ever since he showed up in Genoa City on Y&R lo those MANY years ago. HOT MAN!

    Thanks for this delightful little list.

  3. Holy smoke! I have to take a cold shower now.

  4. Yummy!!! Loving this top ten!

  5. OH MY SOUL! (apparently my new phrase of the day since it has been used in almost ever single blog comment I have posted - or perhaps we have just had shockingly good/bad posts lately?? hmmm... I digress)

    I am newly ex had abs like that...but oh my soul!!!

    Yep...I'm bookmarking this page for future lustful daydreaming. Thanks!



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