Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I hope I never

Waste a Sunday morning trying to recover from a hangover, live my life not knowing what it feels like to love again, feel content enough with myself to think that I never need to improve myself,
have to visit the principal’s office on behalf of one of my kids, have to file for bankruptcy, walk by someone in need and not help,have to bury one of my kids, break someone’s heart (I wouldn't wish that on anyone), have to look for a job, have to figure out a way to support my kids,have to watch Brad Womack on another season of the Bachelor, have to see my dad in pain (watching him recover from my mom’s death is a memory I will never forget),have to battle cancer, have to explain to my kids why I have done something I’m not proud of, have to beg anyone for forgiveness, have to live through another four years under an Obama presidency, have to watch Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansen reunite, have to see my kids suffer, have my heart broken again…I’ve kissed enough frogs already, have to make a life and death decision, have to live my life without getting a tummy tuck…selfish, yes, I admit that, have to wonder why I’m not good enough yet again.


  1. I wonder some of those things every day. Mainly, the last. Why it seems like no matter what I do, to someone, for someone, that it's just never enough. It's a very disheartening feeling, and I'm so very sorry you've ever had to experience it.

  2. I like your list... though some rank higher on my list of I hope I nevers than others which seem like... yea that isn't fun but I think I would be ok...

  3. Good list. Agree on many counts.



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