Monday, September 13, 2010

Eggs in one basket

I don’t know about you, but in my house, when it rains it pours in every facet of my life, from stress at work, to my kids, and even on into my personal life. It seems like I am always either in a drought or putting out buckets to catch all the crap that comes my way.

Well here it is Monday and I am feeling a little overwhelmed in regards to my personal life. You see, I have three dates lined up this week alone. That’s right, you heard me biiiootches…3!

Count ‘em…1…2…3!

But here it is 1pm on Monday and I am consumed with the thought of going on all three dates. The planning, plucking, preparing, picking out outfits, finding sitters for my kids, juggling football practice and basketball tryouts, showering, shaving, make up, ironing, etc. It all seems like too much for three nights.

Then I remembered a conversation I had a few weeks ago with my friend Aaron. He is such a good Godly man. He is solid in who he is and what he wants out of life. I rely on him at times to hold me accountable for doing the right thing, especially in my personal life. When we meet, I always feel like I share way too much information with him. But he understands, he doesn’t judge, and he always reminds me about me, my values and my faith in God. Bottom line…he keeps me in line. We don’t see each other all that often, but when we do, I always leave our time together very refreshed, uplifted, and confident about who I am and who I need to be for my kids.

Where is all this going, you might ask?

Well, the last time I got together with Aaron our conversation got around to our personal dating lives. He shared some things with me and I shared some things with him. At the time, one of the things we had talked about was that fact that I had had a date lined up that week with a guy that I wasn’t all that excited about. He asked me why I was going on the date with the guy if I wasn’t excited about it. I told him, that I never knew when I might meet my Prince Charming, so I had to put myself out there and go wherever the wind took me.

He disagreed. We talked on and on and he eventually said “my advice to you is to only go on dates that you are excited about.” Of course, being the rebel that I am, I went against his advice that week and went on the date anyway.

It was not a good night!

It was one of the most boring evenings of my life. On my way home that night I was pissed that I spent time and energy on this guy that I knew (before I actually even went out with him) that I would never speak to or see again. I was frustrated! And I hate being frustrated!

So this week I think I will heed Aaron’s advice.

I have cancelled two of the three dates that I had previously scheduled.

Sure, it was uncomfortable telling these gentlemen that I just didn’t think I was “in the right place” to go on dates with them. They both took it well. I didn’t expect anything less, after all the only thing we had invested in each other were some dry text messages and a few phone calls.

So here I am now, relieved and very excited for my one remaining date. With who, you might ask?

The Hot Fireman!

Oh yeah, I’m all about second chances and I can’t wait!


  1. Way to go!! That's fabulous advice, and something I think can apply to various parts of life. For me, only knit things I'm excited about. Only eat things I'm excited about (I'm a girl who eats if there's food...not great.)

    Sounds like you have a deep, special friendship with this man - hold onto that! Those are few and far between.

  2. I'll play devil's advocate and say go on the dates that you aren't excited about--unless it's because the guy creeps you out. I was so not excited about my date with Dr. Nutrition, and now we on to date #4...with #5 already planned! A lot of things can affect our enthusiasm, and sometimes it's good to give a person a chance to prove us wrong. Just sayin'. Happy dating! Look forward to hearing how the one you've still got planned goes.

  3. Love Aaron's advice. And may I just add a little bit more?? Live in the moment. No need to stress about date #2 if you haven't even gotten thru date #1. And if your gut tells you it's wrong, then you are sending those vibes out to the universe, so it will end up being wrong.

  4. That is great advice. I think every single person should hear that advice!

  5. This Aaron fellow is wise beyond his years... Such great advice! ;)

    I'm sure he must miss your conversations and wish they were more frequent...



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