Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Geeker Beeker

Today is a fantastic day in the He Who Laughs Last household. That's right, you heard me. There is one person in the house that rules the roost today, and it's not me!

It's this cute little booger, Gibson, or Geeker Beeker as I so fondly refer to him.

Yep, my baby turned 7 today and I'm happy and sad all at the same time. Happy because he makes every day brighter for me, but sad because the realization has set in that he will be my baby forever...and by forever, I mean until my dying days. As much as he hates to hear it, I will always refer to him as my "baby" even after he has kids of his own.

If your like me, when you dreamed of starting a family, you never got past the "infant" stage in your dreams. In fact, I spent so much time fantsizing about being a mom to an infant that I completely forgot that they eventually grow up.

Well it hit me this morning. As usual, I wake up early on the morning of my kids births and just sit on their beds and watch them breathe. Some of you may think it's creepy, but these moments are the moments that I cherish most as a mom. It gives me the opportunity to be quiet and bask in the thought of how precious they really are. I'm usually a bit teary eyed at this moment, and today was no different.

As I was sitting on the foot of Gibson's bed today I was reminded of all of the things that I love about him. Here are seven...

1. No one sings "Need Somebody" by Kings of Leon better than he does, not even Kings of Leon

2. He thinks I'm funny, but the reality is he makes me funny.

3. Because of Gibson, I know more about winning battles with light sabres, peeing in the yard, and being "pancaked" in football than I ever thought I would.

4. He has a very energetic, happy, and eager personality. He has never met a stranger and thinks that everybody loves him. I love his confidence!

5. Everyday he comes home with a different girlfriend. It's cute at 7, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do when he hits puberty.

6. His toothless smile lights up a room.

7. He says things like, "oh mom, sorry, I forgot you were grumpy" or "no those pants don't make your butt look big, but they make your belly look fat" or even "your the best mom ever, can you take me to target to buy a toy?"

I know...I'm lucky!

He makes most days (99.9% of them) awesome!

But as great as he is...there are some days when he makes me have empathy for my own parents as I was growing up. My dad reminds me quite often that I was just like him when I was his age. A couple of times I wished I would have thought of this as a means of discipline for him...

Happy Birthday Geeker Beeker!


  1. Happy birthday to you baby!!

    My "baby" will be 17 in just over a month, and I still call him 'my baby' much to his dismay!!

    Every year, on his birthday, I've woken up a few minutes before his 'birth time', almost like my body is having a horrid flashback. (His was NOT an easy delivery, but that's a story for another time. Or not.) But, I then go and give him a 'birth minute kiss,' which of course, then makes me tear-up. Yeah, I'm just a big sap that way...

  2. When my kids were home, I'd get a birthday picture while they were still in bed, just waking up. My daughter is carrying on the tradition.
    I know you enjoy the time with him. But as he adds years, somehow the minutes get shorter. Not sure how that happens, but it does. So enjoy even the micro-minutes.
    And Happy Birthday, G.B.

  3. Happy Bday, Gibson!!!!!! I hope it was a great one for him!

    BTW - Is he around to tie my shoes? I could use some help... Lol!

  4. You've captured it perfectly. We never get past the baby stage in our mother minds. They will always be our babies. I watch my children sleep every morning, as I'm leaving for work. It's so comforting to see them resting and for once, quiet.

  5. What a sweet post :) Happy birthday to your boy! He sounds like a great kid.



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