Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Things I've Learned This Month, the February Edition

…If I ever come up missing, a vineyard in Sonoma is probably where you will find me.

…I think I’m losing my mind, thankfully I don’t think anyone can tell the difference.

…Good hair days only happen on the days when it doesn’t matter.

…Giselle Bundchen needs to discover duct tape. (I can’t stand Tom Brady, but even he deserves to be married to something more than an egotistical motor mouth)

…Everything about me is so amazing, I think I might just start dating myself.

…Never, and I mean never eat a banana while shopping at the hardware store, don’t ask!

…When life hands you lemons, it’s best to just grab some tequilia and salt.

…Homework and wine go hand in hand, this does NOT make me a bad mom!

…Going to bed before my kids is not always a bad thing.

…Trying to convince my boys that Axe is not a replacement for a shower will forever be an issue in my house.

…You know you have officially become your parents when watching Downton Abby, the new Masterpiece miniseries, on Sunday evenings is the highlight of your week.

…My “to do list” is not going to do itself.

…I never have a problem talking myself out of cleaning my house.

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