Monday, June 6, 2011

Gibson's DO TO list

I’m a list girl.

I’m embarrassed to admit it but I get a certain amount of satisfaction when I cross things off of my “To Do” list at the end of each day.

I get this trait from my dad…he is not a list guy, per say, but he is very very organized. In fact, he is so organized that at times it can get annoying.

Knowing this about me, you can imagine how proud I was when I pulled this “Do To” list, as Gibson likes to call them, out of his school folder... (

(typed exactly how he wrote it)

ThursDay Do To list

1. Wake up

2. Eat beakfast

3. Get on jacket

4. Get on bus

5. Do mornin work

6. More school stuff

7. Lunch

8. Take quick nap but don’t let ms. Cate see

9. Get back on buss

10. Try not to get in trubl on the bus

11. Go home

12. Hav snak

13. Braden’s house for more snak

14. Play

15. Come home

16. Eat diner

17. Bug my brother

18. Brush teeth

19. Watch tv

20. Go to bed

21. Start over tomoroow

Some days I wish life were still this simple, don’t you?

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