Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Taking a break

Sorry blogistas! I hate to do this to you, but it has to be done. I'm going crazy and I need to reprioritize for a brief period of time.

For years I have focused on everyone and everything but me, and the tides have suddenly turned.

My goal for my blogging break is threefold:
1. Make my personal life/family life a priority
2. Figure out what I want to do with my life (ie: go back to school)
3. Focus on my book

That's it!

As usual, it's all about me

Rest assured, I will be back!

...until we meet again!


  1. We'll miss you!! But looking forward to the new you!

  2. Sometimes you just need to take a bit of a break to recharge the batteries. It's well deserved in your case.

    Look forward to seeing you back on here again!



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